Apadana Tak was founded in 1985 to import and distribute the best dental products, material and equipment, as well as running corresponding training courses. Now, after almost 30 years, she is the biggest and most well-known dental company in Iran.

Apadana Tak has agents in all provinces though out Iran and is a unique complex in Iranian private section.

More than 60 experienced, well-trained and educated personnel are working in Apadana Tak different sections, such as scientific, technical, import, sales and after sales service departments.

Apadana Tak has close connections with all dental faculties and other scientific and research organizations. She is working with the most well-known opinion leaders and university professors in Iran and Europe for her continuing educational courses.


Apadana Tak is exclusively representing more than 30 famous European and American dental companies, presenting various products to Iranian Dental Community, so we are always able to offer proper solutions to the demands of dentists and dental patients.

Right now, Apadana Tak has established her online sales services to serve the dental community. All customers are now able to study the details of each product they want in our website and order the right one for their specific needs. Additionally, our fully trained scientific team and sales staff of online services are always ready to help and take care of after sales services.


Apadana Tak is always committed to present and provide the highest quality dental products and all her activities are designed to serve this goal.